The Junko-sai


C The Junko-sai: Ritual Parading through the City


Traffic control from Ginza to Hongoku area starts from the afternoon, and festival floats with doll on top (Dashi) and festival floats without doll (Yatai) from 10 neighborhoods (excluding Hongoku and Ishihara), will gather at Route 17, which has been made into a vehicle-free pedestrian zones. Starting from the intersection in front of the Yagihashi department store, Dashis and Yatais from 10 neighborhoods lead by the head priest and festival officials, parade west along Route 17. Yatais from Hongoku and Ishihara neighborhood waits at the western end of the traffic control, to meet with the Dashis and Yatais from the 10 neighborhoods. Hongoku and Ishihara’s Yatais join them and visits the temporary shed housing God for the festival (Okariya). At the Okariya, Dashis and Yatais proceeds toward the God to be purified by a stroke with a wand made with hemp and paper streamers used in the Shinto ceremony (Heisoku), and receives the Heisoku. Then they parade east along Route 17.

Junko-sai  Junko-sai  Junko-sai